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Is when the craving for it stops

Nobody want´s to celebrate life only when he eats or starve.

Call me or chat with me, I am here to help you if you have problems with food.

Never forget that you are not alone and that it really helps to open up, to ask for help.

Sometimes talking alone helps moving things in other directions.

I was there where you were - I never thought there would be light at the end of the tunnel and hope but there is and change is possible, you just have to take a little first step and the rest will follow.

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Mature Woman

Stella, 32

I craved for food for more than 10 years. I woke up and thought about food until I went to bed. Bea helped me through this and I will be forever greatful.

Young Businesswoman

Anna, 28

My life had become unmanageable. All I could think of was food. Bea helped me to break this vicious circle and to live a normal life again.


Matt, 27

As a man, I felt so lonely and ashamed. I always thoughts a man should not have an eating issues - its a girls thing. How glad I am I found Bea and I could open up. She is a wonderful personality with so much understanding and empathy.

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